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IEIS Pricing, Reimbursement and Licensing Workshop


With the participation of the officials of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Presidential Strategy and Budget Department, we organized a Workshop on Pricing, Reimbursement and Licensing in Istanbul on 13-14 June 2022.  The Pricing and Reimbursement Session, which took place on June 13…


BIO Kore 2022


The International Biotechnology Exhibition and Conference BIO KOREA 2022 event was held in Seoul, South Korea on May 11-13, 2022. This year, we participated in the event, which we took place online last year, with a national pavilion on behalf of our country under the coordination of the T.C. Presidential Investment Office and the Turkish Biophar…


IEIS - Lokman Hekim University Meeting


We met with Lokman Hekim University academicians at an online meeting on April 29, 2022. The meeting was chaired by Ersin Erfa, Chairman of the IEIS R&D and Academic Relations Working Group, and was attended by Lokman Hekim University Rector Prof. Dr. Bulent Gümüşel, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Belma Gümüşel, Prof. Dr. Zafer Sou…


R&D Strategies and World Health Joint Mind Meeting in The Health Sector


Under the leadership of IEIS, an online joint mind meeting titled "R&D Strategies and World Health in the Health Sector" was held on April 28, 2022 with the support of our member Turgut Pharmaceuticals and the organization of Turkishtime, an economic and business portal. Murat Barlas, Member of the IEIS Disciplinary Board and Chairman of th…


IEIS’ General Assembly Meeting


IEIS’ General Assembly Meeting for 2022 was held on April 27, 2022. The chairman of the Council Committee of the Meeting was Bulent Eczacıbasi, Vice President Muzaffer Bal and memberships were held by Hakan Yildirim and Tolga Sözen. The meeting began with the opening speech of IEIS Chairman Nezih Barut. Afterwards, a plaque of thanks was presente…