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Our Association, share its Partnering with the Government to Globalize the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry” with the public in a press bulletin.

The report which was prepared by the international strategy and management consulting organization, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)  aims to solve the problems of the Turkish pharmaceutical sector, carry the pharmaceutical industry into the future and add value to the country economy. The content of the report includes the current situation in the pharmaceutical industry, determination of purpose and goals, the recommended industry strategy and plans of action and describes the global role that the Turkish pharmaceutical industry can capture with a strategic approach.

The Transformation in Health Program was met with general approval

IEIS Board Chairman Nezih Barut said that the ability of our citizens to benefit from higher quality, more just and easily accessible healthcare services made possible with the “Transformation in Health Program” started by the government in 2004 and continuously developed since the first day of application had been greeted with great approval.

Barut, who also pointed out that the positive indications set forth in the Partnering with the Government to Globalize the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry” created within the scope of these policies showed satisfaction in health services in our country, which grew double fold from 2003 to 2010, continued with the following:

“As an inseparable part of our health system, the pharmaceutical industry has also devotedly carried out the responsibilities placed on it during this transformation process and will continue to do so. The pharmaceutical industry which produces nearly 6 thousand products at international standards in 49 production facilities, by nearly 300 organizations and 30 thousand employees for the service of our people, is one of the key sectors in our country reaching a position of competition in the global arena.”

More production and more export is needed

Barut, who pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry had not yet achieved its rightful share in global pharmaceuticals commerce, said that they believe the sector’s contribution to the Turkish economy could be carried to higher levels with more production and more export.

Barut explained that the international strategy and management consulting organization, Boston Consulting Group had prepared the “Partnering with the Government to Globalize the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry” in line with this goal in order to solve the problems of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, carry the industry into the future and create value for the country economy  and added that the report’s general economic indicators and sectorel data had been meticulously analyzed and prepared in a period of 6 months with the added opinions of sector and official authorities and taking into account the experience of other countries.

The steps that will be taken jointly will carry the industry to new horizons

Barut, who underlined the belief that the steps taken jointly will carry the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and the country’s economy to new heights, drew attention to the fact that the road map after this point will be determined by the contributions and efforts of the government and the sector stakeholders and added, “The support and cooperation of our government, all the components of the pharmaceutical industry, academic communities and professional organizations is critical on this path. Therefore our objective was to present our “Partnering with the Government to Globalize the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry with the participation of our esteemed ministers. We would have appreciated their presence at the meeting where the report containing important results concerning the sector vision was to be disclosed and would have like to feel their support of our sector. However due to a change in their schedule they were unable to be here”.

Barut added that they planned to organize activities to bring the government together with all concerned parties while determining the road plan in the coming days thanked all officials and participants who had been generous with their attention and support to participate in the meeting.

Ministry of Healthy Assistant Secretary Ekrem Atbakan

İEİS Chairman Nezih Barut